Coronavirus has impacted the lives of millions and will change how our society operates, even years from now.

While individuals are working hard to protect themselves, their families and homes, business owners have additional worries – employees, customers and even vendors.

And, with states beginning to ease restrictions and slowly open back up (here’s a guide on where certain states stand on reopening), we want to provide some tips for businesses and owner operators within the ground transportation industry.

Temperature Checks

One of the many flu-like symptoms of COVID is a fever, so testing employees for fevers would be wise to catch symptoms early to avoid the spread of COVID. Include a temperature check as part of an employees check in, and use a forehead thermometer for quick and sanitary readings (also great for families looking to test frequently if they have vulnerable family members).

PPE (personal protective equipment)

An issue many states are running into is the enforcement of wearing PPE, like masks, gloves and suits. The most common and accessible PPE are gloves and masks, which should be required for everyone when entering a facility if you’re a warehouse owner, and a requirement for truck drivers when loading, unloading and at gas or rest stops.

The easiest way to encourage this behavior is a zero tolerance policy (no PPE, no work) and to provide it to your hardworking staff.

Most gloves and masks aren’t able to be cleaned and should be disposed of. In fact, many people don’t realize that even N95 masks are only sanitary for roughly 30 hours or three days of wear. Past that threshold, the filter becomes less and less effective.

If you’re looking for affordable options to provide your employees, masks can be found here:

And, gloves can be found here:


Once testing becomes more accessible and mainstream, you’ll want to implement a referent testing process for your staff. There are two different kinds of tests and information on both can be found here.

If someone on your team becomes infected with coronavirus, a paid time of leave (many companies offer two weeks).

And, whether you’re a warehouse owner or truck owner, sanitation is key. Employing a cleaning company that is trained in cleaning and treating surfaces throughout the pandemic will help neutralize spaces after the work day is complete. Regular cleaning should also be routine. Here’s a guide on how to disinfect workplaces, homes and more.

For more comprehensive advice and guidelines spanning other industries, you can also visit the CDC’s website.