bunk3Peek inside our sprinter vans – everything you need to expedite like a pro.

ASAP Cargo Inc. is a trucking company focused on expedited HOTSHOT loads throughout the country, meaning the freight our clients need cannot wait. Though most of our drivers and trucks are based in the Chicagoland area, they’re usually completing loads throughout the Midwest, East Coast and more.

The Midwest alone has crazy weather, making it essential for our drivers to be prepared on the road at all times. While safety inspections require drivers to have fire extinguishers, flares and safety triangles, there are a bunch of products our drivers use each trip and swear by, which are below.

Zero Degree Sleeping Bag

Every one of our drivers has one of these rolled up in the cabin. We like this one because its roomy and you don’t get overheated. Some sleeping bags are designed for below-zero temps, but end up being too warm for many.


Buddy Heater

These throw a lot of heat, they’re safe for indoor use and use propane, which is easy to find and carry in your van.


Wen Generator

Generators can be heavy and give off a lot of fumes. Look for a generator that is light and quiet. Portability is key when it comes to bringing one on the road. This Wen generator is used by several of our drivers. Whichever generator you choose, make sure you maintenance it (yes, generators need oil changes, too!)


Solar Phone Charger

This sits on top of the dashboard for many of our drivers. In case of an emergency where there’s loss of power to your van, you can use this as a backup charge.


Power Inverter

This basically gives your typically power outlet more power. It converts direct current (DC) from your battery to alternating current (AC). Our drivers use this to charge up electronics quickly or to power larger electronics on the road.