If you’re a sprinter owner, you know that there’s a lot of differing information out there about what oil is best for your sprinter. The right diesel engine oil is essential to keep your truck up and running, and can dramatically impact performance.

One thing is for sure – though Sprinters operate off diesel, they cannot be treated like a semi or straight truck. Their engines require more specialized care.

So, we surveyed our drivers that own sprinters and this is what we found.

Mobil 1 ESP 0W-40 is the best for sprinters. It’s a fully synthetic engine oil that’s engineered to work in both diesel and gasoline powered engines. Plan for your oil change as this must be ordered online.

You’re able to order it from:

Another oil widely used for sprinter vans is Shell Rotella T6, popular among sprinter owners for ease of availability. You can pick this up at any auto parts store, online, Walmart, etc. If you’re in between oil changes and need to top off your sprinter, this is a great option. It’s viscosity is thicker compared to Mobil1 ESP (above).

You can once again order it online at Amazon and Walmart for cheaper.

If you are a regular user of Shell oil products, there’s a rewards program worth joining. It includes grabbing code from the undersides of caps of the products you buy and use in order to get rewards on other products. You can look into it here.