The transportation industry is not what it was ten years ago. With technology constantly evolving – apps at the ready, standard two-day shipping, cars being delivered to your door – society’s expectations are quickly shifting.

It’s an exciting time to be in the transportation industry, specifically near cargo airport hubs like Chicago, Atlanta or New York. However, this boom in tech has led to new regulations and business standards making it a challenge for some small businesses to thrive in a sector they once knew.

Below are two ways to help your transportation business thrive in the era of social media:

Establish a Marketing Plan

It’s very rare that a business is able to flourish off of word-of-mouth alone. In order to see business growth, it’s necessary to create and abide by a marketing plan. Today, a web presence is necessary in order to gain trust from prospective clients and to streamline processes for current ones.

Start by researching which social media and web development platforms make sense for your company. For example, ASAP Cargo Inc.’s website is built off WordPress and we chose to utilize LinkedIn and Facebook in order to continue spreading the word on company updates.

Do your Homework…Every Day

It’s essential to stay on top of industry and tech trends. Our team subscribes to magazines, newsletters and follows other industry leaders on social media. This tip can be used across any industry, but is especially important to stay on top of industry regulations, such as the ELD roll out and more.

Most trucking publications have a emailing list, do yourself a favor and sign up. Your clients will be impressed and you will feel more in control in this ever-changing industry.